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When should you claim your benefits?

Still working? How much income is too much?

Women often face unique situations when it comes to Social Security.

Before you claim your benefits . . . know what’s at stake for when and how you file.

Your choice today will impact your benefits throughout retirement – there aren’t many do-overs in this game,

Education and assistance in making these critical decisions is vital.

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We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns. 

" I highly recommend Erin's input before making any decisions about your SS benefits. We had a number of specific questions that she was able to answer for us in great detail. We now have a few projections to work from as we inch closer to retirement. It was a great experience, and very much appreciated!"
- Laura B.
"Within 5 minutes of talking to Erin, I was amazed at how little I knew about my rights and options to my Social Security. You do have options, you do not have to wait, you can act NOW for a better retirement with people like Erin Fountain on your side.
- Patricia T.
Working While Claim

Coming Soon!

What happens to your benefits if you’re still working?

Will you have to pay back any of your benefits?

Coordinating income with benefits can reduce this potential issue and is crucial in budgeting for expenses.

Social Security Basics

Are you confident of your claiming options? 
Do you know where to start?

Gain confidence through careful planning for you and your spouse.

The Social Security Basics video provides the needed framework for planning your benefits. Realize all you’re entitled to have!

Spousal Ex-Spousal

Are you married, divorced or widowed?

Divorced or windowed? What are your options and what benefits are you entitled to? 

It is just one more overwhelming decision you have to make when you find yourself alone. 

Working While Claiming Benefits

Do you know if you will ever have to pay back benefits?

Taxes and Social Security

Are you aware of impacts while claiming?

Delaying Retirement Benefits

Is it worth the wait?
. . . it all depends.

Get the most out of your Social Security Income

It is the mission of Suncoast Social Security Advisors to provide responsible stewardship for those individuals who need assistance in retaining and optimizing their financial resources.

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