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Tax refund delays mean the IRS may be sending you more than a stimulus check

Bogged down with a pandemic backlog, the IRS paid out more than $3 billion extra to taxpayers who got late refunds last year — and it could happen again.

By late January, the IRS was still processing 6.7 million returns from the 2019 tax year. And after filing opened on Feb. 12, nearly 35 million more returns have poured in for this year’s tax season — with the IRS using returns to help determine who gets what in the third round of stimulus checks.

Here’s how these delays could put a little extra cash in your pocket, plus what you can do to help get your return processed — and hopefully get your refund — faster.

Please see the resources: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/irs-may-more-stimulus-check-200000364.html

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