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Smart Legacy Planning

Hey all, this is Erin with Suncoast Social Security Advisors very excited to let you know about the lineup we have for SMART LEGACY PLANNING this July. You can learn from Dean Maloney & Doug Costanzo from the Maloney Funeral Home about the savings on pre-planning and Veteran’s Benefits. Paul Grivas with will be there to answer questions for estate planning and yours truly will let you know about getting the most out of your Social Security Retirement.
For instance, I have people ask me, “You mean I have options when planning Social Security retirement?” And yes – there are choices: not just when to start, but if you decide to stop benefits or continue with them while still earning an income.
I will also address those who are divorced, particularly women who tend to ask me, “What can I do? Now that I support myself, I sometimes struggle to make my budget.” Women by far encounter various claiming strategies.
Another question I hear is “How do I plan if Social Security is going to run out?” Well, I’ll share with people what it really means when we hear those benefits might not be able to be paid, because this too can be confusing; I can actually reflect what an outcome can look like if an anticipated benefits reduction happens.
Our program is like the Dagwood Sandwich of planning for retirement and beyond. Following the presentation, you’ll also have an opportunity for additionally related information available from our sponsors.
Come join us, seating is limited so sign up while there’s still availability at Event # 370554818437

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