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Do you remember that first joint checking account? Or maybe it was a Yours, Mine then Ours budget. Finances can be a common cause of marital discord and definitely the first hurdle of ‘adulting’. Perhaps our readership has ironed out those kinks at this point; even so, I took an interest in Angie’s story and believe you too might appreciate her ability to resolve monetary tensions.

Have you had multiple overdraft fees, hid purchases from a spouse, or wanted to handle finances alone to not stress out your significant other? Some early signs of needing financial coaching are not always straight forward, that’s where Angie Carlson comes in to help. Angie had a near death experience that made her realize she could be helping so many people financially with her knowledge. Being aware and in control of your finances can lead to less stress and more time to focus on the situations in life that arise, along with being able to live the life that you have always dreamed. Sometimes it is hard to see flaws within your own situation because you view it every day, having an extra set of eyes can help give you another viewpoint that can help you be successful in being ahead of your finances, and staying in control.