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Rehab Nurse Shares Insight: Medicare/Advantage/Medicaid

(Part 1 of 3 narratives adapted from an interview) Good morning, everyone, this is [Erin Fountain] and I’m joined today by Ilona Weber, who’s a nurse and she’s going to give a few pieces of insight with comparing traditional Medicare to alternative plans especially when considering long term care assisted

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Exploring Retirement Funding

Hey everybody, this is Erin Fountain with Suncoast Social Security Advisors . . . my special guests are Lori and Jason Hanson of Midwest Family Financial. And they’re going to give us some really salient information on what’s going on today. So, let’s start out with, you know, how do

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Reverse Mortgage to Fund Retirement

Hi, good morning, everybody. This is Erin Fountain with Suncoast Social Security advisors and typically, I’m talking to you about retirement benefits for Social Security. But there are so many things that impact us when we start to retire, like selling a home, “How can we finance – what availabilities

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Smart Legacy Planning

Hey all, this is Erin with Suncoast Social Security Advisors very excited to let you know about the lineup we have for SMART LEGACY PLANNING this July. You can learn from Dean Maloney & Doug Costanzo from the Maloney Funeral Home about the savings on pre-planning and Veteran’s Benefits. Paul

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CLAIMING THE EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT in 2021 Starting in 2021, seniors can take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit also known as the EIC or EITC. Previously, this credit was much more restrictive (stopping at age 64), but now there is no upper age limit. EIC/EITC is a

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filling out a social security application

Why Is It Important to Use a Social Security Advisor?

Because Social Security is a necessary part of a comprehensive retirement strategy, there are important considerations before choosing to claim benefits. Working with a financial professional is crucial in coordinating these types of benefits. Erin Fountain discusses her approach to helping her clients take the mystery out of Social Security

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