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Erin Fountain, EA , RSSA®

Social Security planning involves many facets, which determine when you can start claiming optimal benefits. If retirement is on your horizon, you probably have plenty of questions.

Erin Fountain, a Registered Social Security Analyst is prepared to help you navigate this process and reveal to you strategies that focus on your concerns of when and how to file for Social Security Retirement Benefits.

She is also an Enrolled Agent, the highest credential the IRS awards, which gives her insight to tax implications that interface with Social Security Income.

Ongoing educational studies are required to maintain each of the EA and RSSA® certifications and being the perennial student, Erin has no objections staying current with the most recent legislations.

She employs her knowledge and experience to help others retain what they have earned . . .

If you’ve earned it, claim it

- Erin Fountain, EA, RSSA®


Mission: Perform as a responsible steward for those individuals who need assistance in retaining and optimizing their financial resources.

My mother worked as a Managerial Administrator and after retirement found herself in need of both financial and medical matters that she once took care of for her family. Following her stroke, I became her voice.

Inevitably, these events became a lifestyle change for her and our family. I relied upon professionals and other compassionate, experienced persons, to continue in her care, and will always be grateful to those who have walked alongside me.

So, it is my purpose now to provide an extension as a qualified resource to my clients, and peace of mind to the ones who care for and about them.